Park and Play 2


  • We understand the need for our parks and public open spaces to be multi-functional, addressing the needs of the local community, of all ages and abilities, alongside the need to ensure our green spaces respond to the issues arising from climate change.
  • We understand the part all landscapes can play in addressing health and wellbeing, particularly the inequalities faced in our more deprived neighbourhoods.
  • We know that to attract people to use and respect green spaces that they should be involved in the development process for those spaces and that they should cater for many uses.
  • We know it’s vital to help our clients maximise the potential of the green spaces they manage, whilst ensuring we keep within resource and management capacities.

So we can provide a flexible, bespoke service, delivering programmes of park and play area improvements to cater for local communities. Our experienced team strive to provide attractive, innovative and accessible design solutions which:

  • Work in harmony with the environment and mitigate climate change issues
  • Add distinct character to local spaces
  • Use creative, bespoke elements to produce quality facilities