Why worry about food waste?

Each year in London, we throw away 910,000 tonnes of food at home, according to charity Recycling For London, 60% (540,000 tonnes) of which could have been recycled. Not only is this waste incredibly environmentally harmful but it also comes at a cost of up to £70 per family per month (Wrap).

About the campaign

In 2017, with our partners WRAP and the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) we launched the London-wide Small Change, Big Difference campaign.  The campaign actively promotes healthy and sustainable eating, while reducing food waste and increasing food recycling. It’s all about giving food the respect it deserves.

Our impact

We’ve run fun cooking workshops and bite-size training sessions with hundreds of  families, businesses, community organisations and school children and attended community festivals across the capital. We’re now sharing our learning and best practice across the UK and with 10 other European cities and will shortly be publishing our Small Changes, Big Difference Community Leaders toolkit.


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Watch our short film featuring the children from Burstead Wood Primary School in Bexleyheath.


Small Change Big Difference (TRiFOCAL) is Funded by the LIFE programme of the European Commission, the programme is delivered by project partners WRAP, the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB) and Groundwork London.