Sprouting Out gives participants the chance to improve their life skills, to boost their prospects as well as their physical and mental health.

What do sessions include?

Courses teach growing, harvesting, and how to cook healthy nutritional recipes with fresh produce, plus there is the option to include horticulture and landscaping skills too. 

Sessions can be tailored to the needs of residents in hostels or temporary accommodation to include budgeting and other life skills. Those who have additions also find the session particularly useful. Residents in day care centres can also benefit from the horticultural therapy elements of courses.

  • improved life skills
  • ability to live independently
  • reduced chance of returning to addition, crime, or homelessness
  • improved health and fitness through increased exercise and improved diet
  • reduced social isolation
  • improved interpersonal and practical skills
  • improved mental well-being

Sessions in your local area

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We deliver certain courses on behalf of the:-

• Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service (BESS), part of Central Bedfordshire Council,
• Step2Skills, part of Hertfordshire County Council
• Luton Adult Learning
• Cambridgeshire Skills, part of Cambridge County Council
• City College Peterborough

who provide us with funding. Courses are targeted to support residents in gaining skills relevant to the needs of employers across these counties or to meet health and well-being needs. Courses are free of charge, subject to eligibility criteria. For more information about the full range of courses and support provided by these partners visit:-