Choose Groundwork to run your team building for a fun and action-packed day, make a positive impact on the area in which your company works, and let employees take part in therapeutic activities together that are great for improving their mental health.

Why hold a team building day?

For your company:
As Groundwork is a registered charity your contribution towards the cost of the team-building day could be treated as a tax deductible qualifying charitable donation by your company, if the activity takes place during working hours.

For your staff:

  • improvement in physical and mental well-being of staff
  • better concentration and joint working when back in the office
  • develop social skills
  • staff feel a sense of achievement

What does a typical day include?

During the day Groundwork will set out the aim of the day’s work, and encourage groups of your staff to take ownership and management of the situation, organising themselves and allocating tasks to complete the project within the time scale.

Type of projects include, but aren’t limited to:

  • building a new vegetable garden
  • constructing a new wildlife area for a school
  • learning a new skill such as coppicing
  • litter picking and clearance
  • conservation
  • gardening
  • improving a nature reserve or other community space.

You could also choose a local project near you, and ask us to help your staff team support it.

What does Groundwork provide?

At Groundwork East we understand the importance of good mental health – not only the workplace, but life in general. Not only is it essential to look after your mental health outside the workplace during your spare time, but it can also be done with your colleagues during work hours on our team building days.

  • initial meetings to assess and plan the kind of day that is required
  • matching your needs to one of our environmental regeneration projects
  • planning and development with partners who own/use the sites
  • pre-event site preparation and landscape design
  • logistics and activity planning for the day
  • full supervision, training and support on the day and
  • PR and promotional opportunities, including involving local press.

How much will it cost?

This will vary depending on the project involved, materials needed and the level of support required. Get in touch for a quote.

Feel inspired? 

Get in touch.

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