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Rays Story

Ray's story

Ray is a volunteer with Healthy Parks Healthy Minds – a Target Wellbeing project that aims to help people achieve healthier and happier lives.

“I started volunteering on this project after attending a taster session. I was a bit quiet for the first month or so as I was getting to know people but I’ve been going for four years now!"

“It’s nice to mix with decent people, to be busy and work hard together to help the environment and other people."

“I really enjoy the digging, hedge laying and tree planting. I’m not so keen on the gardening – I like the heavy stuff! I really like using machinery, have received various certificates and have done courses in strimming and first aid. This has inspired me to go to college and do an English and maths course."

“I’ve had schizophrenia all my life. It’s hard to explain when I hear things but it comes and goes and can feel worse if I’m stressed or things are not going well. Volunteering on this project helps me to manage my schizophrenia better. Since starting with Groundwork, I feel a lot calmer and I am a lot better now. I’ve learnt how to open up to people and talk about how I feel, which helps me control things."

“Volunteering with Groundwork has helped to give me confidence, focus and a sense of purpose. I’ve found my niche – I don’t know where I would be without Groundwork – it really does change people’s lives.”