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Richard's story

Richard started volunteering at Silverdale Country Park back in 2011 where he was the first volunteer to join the group. Over the years he seen many changes and has helped to transform the park into the glorious place it is today.

“Since I was a boy I’ve always been interested in nature and wildlife.

“I started volunteering in 2011 when Andy – Groundwork’s Park Ranger – started working at the park. I told him that I was on hand to help and I’ve been volunteering here ever since.

“I love the variety of working in the park.  Every week we do something different as there is always something to plant or make or maintain. 

"We have different volunteers come and go, but we have a group of regulars who come along every week. It’s always great when we see a young face here.  It’s so important to get the younger generation involved with the local environment. My interest started when I was very young when I first discovered my love of bird watching and it’s given me great pleasure my whole life.

“Volunteering has helped me to stay healthy too – there’s nothing better than fresh air! I’ve made some smashing loyal friends who are always there for me and who I can have a laugh and a conversation with.

“I recently had my eightieth birthday party in the park. We had a cake and non-alcoholic wine and it was great. Mind you, it was in January and it was actually snowing – but we all had terrific fun!”