Saving energy in summer- why you should pay attention to the Green Doctor service now

Some occupations can be described as seasonal, with the weather having its say in deciding people’s interest in them. Being the Green Doctor- Groundwork’s energy-saving advice guru- is quite like that. But perhaps it shouldn’t be…

For the winter months, when Britain’s poorly insulated, often old, housing is exposed again and again, the service is remarkably busy. This was especially true this past winter, with the (ongoing) energy crisis putting more and more families into poverty.

Our energy-saving expert, Mike Blackham, also-known-as the Green Doctor, saw this firsthand.

And, the most sobering part is, ‘we’re not at the end of it, by any means.’

Mike is gearing up for another tough winter ahead, as the summer months mask the cruelty of fuel poverty in the short-term respite of milder weather.

Aside from helping poor and vulnerable households with their energy bills- changing suppliers, installing low-cost insulation fixes and general advice (all of this for FREE!)- he wants to raise awareness of how all of us can save energy. Ultimately, at Groundwork we’re a green organisation and we want to promote sustainable lifestyle choices.

Don’t get comfy…

We’re all spending less on energy bills (at least right now we are), which can make it tempting to be complacent. But that is the wrong mindset to have. For Mike ‘getting into good habits now’ is a great way of preparing yourself for the winter months. One such habit is to use a clothesline or clothing rack to dry your clothes instead of the dryer. Make the most of these (admittedly unreliable) sunny days!

Clothes racks can be especially cost-effective in winter, as they can dry your washing while taking on the heat emitted by your radiators. It’s not ideal, but it will save you an expensive drying cycle.

The rising tide

Energy prices are only going to increase; getting into those good habits now will help prepare you for that. By October, energy prices will rise by 42-46%, taking the average household spend to just under £3k on energy bills this year alone.

The cost of everything is increasing these days, so that’s hardly surprising to hear. Nonetheless, it will come as a shock. Mike is concerned about the coming winter, realising it will be challenging:

‘There are some scary extremes out there, and they’re getting more common.’ It makes him ‘sad to see how little some people can save considering how little they already use.’

With that said, he’s committed to helping people- regardless of their situation. The Green Doctor service is free to use, helping people reduce their energy consumption, save money and reduce carbon emissions. It’s a win-win solution, helping you while we help our planet.

Don’t be shy!

‘You don’t need to be in dire straits to use the service,’ and anyone can benefit from using it. In our aims to slow the effects of climate change, we think anyone, and everyone, should play their part.

If you, or someone you know, might need the assistance of the Green Doctor service, contact us for a referral:

Online, at

By email,

Alternatively, you can phone 07771 362 853.

To learn more about the work of the Green Doctor service, read this blog here that takes a more in-depth look at what a Green Doctor does.


Matthew Thomas