In-School Coaching Success

Groundwork Greater Manchester have been operating their Achievement Coaches programme since 2012, a programme designed to provide support to the ‘inbetweeners’; young people who often fall under the radar with a lack of ambition or minor issues but, with targeted support and interventions, could achieve so much more.

Each young person is provided with weekly 1-2-1 sessions from Groundwork’s experienced youth workers who work with them over the school year to:

  • Help them become strong and resilient,
  • Equip and enable them to achieve their full potential,
  • Give them a voice,
  • Improve their employability.

The Groundwork team have supported over 350 young people since 2012 with positive feedback from both the teachers and young people.

As part of their most recent project with Trafford Youth Trust, the partners worked with impact consultants Planning Express to measure the social value of the programme beyond the isolated anecdotes received to date.

The ten young people received the same high quality coaching support as usual however in addition to this data was collected throughout the school year from teachers, parents and the learners using interviews and Youth Stars™ all of which tracked the young persons’ progress.

The monetary results for the 10 young people in this study revealed that for every £1 spent on the achievement coaches programme the local authority saved £2.34.

Savings included teacher and admin time at the school, ambulance visits to young people experiencing panic attacks, avoidance of permanent exclusions that had previously been rated highly likely to happen.

However, the real outcomes of the Achievement Coaches programme surround the young people themselves; this recent study showed that:

  • Improved behaviour: detentions decreased by half for all relevant children and exclusions decreased by a third.
  • Improved attitudes: attitude to learning scores improved for all children.
  • The children had a clearer idea about their futures, and felt more in control of their destinies.

One young person commented at the end of the programme,

Just knowing I can do this now.  Just the fact that I’ve done it before, it will help me. I have got confidence. I can do this now

A parent added,

The programme has just been absolutely brilliant. I can’t put it into words. Her attitude.  Her outlook.  Her confidence.  It’s 100% through this help

The Groundwork Greater Manchester youth team are currently delivering the Achievement Coaches programme across Tameside and Trafford thanks to funding from Children In Need and Trafford Housing Trust.