Businesses around the country are benefiting from the advantages that being part of a Business Improvement District can being. We can help business parks, town centre management companies and local authorities implement Business Improvement District (BID) projects in their areas – and we have a strong track record of winning the crucial BID votes.

BIDs are a way for businesses to band together and fund extra services or improvements to their areas, creating safe, clean and vibrant locations in which business can thrive.

Benefits of a BID:
  • Better decision making as businesses decide collectively local improvements
  • Attraction of new inward investment
  • High quality, more attractive trading environments
  • Higher footfall and occupancy levels supporting enterprise / sales growth and job creation
  • Reduced levels of crime and vandalism and safer trading environments
  • More competitive property values through creation of higher quality environments and improved image
  • Improved transport links and levels of congestion
  • Additional marketing and promotion of the area
  • Greatly improved communication links between public and private sector, with business issues and opportunities given higher priority
  • Development of mutually beneficial business relationships within the area and the creation of a unified voice for business that can champion transformational change.

We have supported the development of successful BID votes across the UK including the towns and city centres such as Warrington and Chester and and industrial estates from Winsford to Wycombe.

The BID projects we have supported have successfully won renewal votes, achieving support of up to 96%.

Our services include:
  • BID Feasibility Studies to assess the suitability of your retail area or business park for BID development
  • BID Development Programmes to undertake the full development of your BID proposal up to a formal ballot for a BID.
  • BID Management Services to support the delivery of your BID over its five year lifespan.

Groundwork in action