We help community spaces to look better, be more easily accessed, and improve the area so those around it want to use it. Our practical improvements show people that their unloved spaces can be restored and once again be used for play, learning, exercise, and recreation.

Our strengths include:

  • Our expertise: the team has been with Groundwork for over ten years, working on a variety of projects, building their expertise to offer design advice and practical solutions to problems.
  • Track record: we have worked with a variety of clients including local authorities, housing associations, and schools and commissioned to undertake hard and soft landscaping, pond work, and clearances, to name but a few.
  • Multiple outcomes: the team also assist with practical delivery on other projects such as Green Teams.
  • Genuine impact: all the projects the team work on are visible improvements to the landscape, providing tangible evidence for local communities.
  • Social value: we maximise public benefit from landscape improvements to promote health and wellbeing, provide training and work experience, support economic development and tackle environmental sustainability.