We offer a range of accreditation and membership schemes designed for businesses who wish to develop, and demonstrate their sustainability best practice.

Each accreditation is hosted by a Groundwork trust but are available nationally. Find out more about each accreditation and which is the best fit for your business by clicking the links below.

Sustainable Business Initiative

The Sustainable Business Initiative provides a clear framework for organisations to better understand and enhance their sustainability performance across four areas; health & safety, social impact, quality & environmental performance.

Hosted by Groundwork Greater Manchester 

Carbon Charter

The Carbon Charter is an effective tool for small to medium sized businesses to better understand their options around reducing carbon emissions.

Hosted by Groundwork East

Green Dragon

The Green Dragon environmental standard is awarded to businesses taking action to understand, monitor and control their environmental impacts.

Hosted by Groundwork Wales

Green Business Membership

The Green Business Membership scheme is an ideal way to stay up-to-date with the latest goings-on in the sustainability sector. As a member you gain access to sustainability themed seminars, webinars and events plus have access to our on call telephone helpline.

Hosted by Groundwork Greater Manchester