North West of England

Youth work

We work with young people in and out of schools to encourage them to learn, to help them develop as people and to have inspirational experiences that they will remember for life.

Our youth projects are diverse and range from outdoor learning to youth clubs to coaching and mentoring for those who need extra support. What unites them is our belief that every young person can play a positive role in their community, that even the most challenging young people deserve support to find their path in life, and that young people are a part of the solution when it comes to tackling issues like plastic pollution, falling biodiversity and the climate crisis.

Our service includes:

  • Safe spaces: provision of youth hubs and youth clubs.
  • Positive activities: using sport, art and music to promote engagement and achievement.
  • Social action: enabling young people to lead local environmental campaigns and take practical action to improve where they live.
  • Cohesion: initiatives that bring together young people from different communities, or bridge the gap between young and old.
  • Participation: helping young people find their voice and a have a say in decisions that affect them.