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Skint! training

As part of the training, facilitators will receive copies of Skint! and interactive resources free of charge. The training supports facilitators to use Skint! in groups, one to one or in a variety of role play scenarios. It also provides basic information about delivering financial education, and support in using the resources developed for Skint!

Who is the training for?

Skint! training courses are for anyone working with young people directly or indirectly that want their young people to receive financial education. This includes youth workers, teachers, service managers, counsellors, and anyone else working with young people. If you don’t work directly with young people, as a manager, the training will enable you to run your staff through how to use Skint!

You don’t need a background in financial education to use Skint!

We currently have the following dates booked for training sessions:


Thursday 24th April 2014


Thursday 12th December 2013
Friday 13th December 2013
Thursday 3rd April 2014


Thursday 9th January 2014
Friday 10th January 2014

Stanley, Co Durham

Thursday 23rd January 2014
Friday 24th January 2014


Thursday 30th January 2014
Friday 31st January 2014


Thursday 6th February 2014
Friday 7th February 2014


Thursday 20th February 2014
Friday 21st February 2014


Thursday 6th March 2014
Friday 7th March 2014


Further dates and locations for the trainings will be available as soon as we finish gathering expressions of interest. We are currently receiving high demand for this training and have limited places available so please book a place or express your interest as soon as possible.