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St James' Gardens, Liverpool resources

Have you ever visited Liverpool's hidden treasure?

St James' Gardens sit in the shadow of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral – a fascinating, secluded underworld carved into the rock that supports the city.

It's an oasis of green space right in the heart of the busy city. They began as a quarry – supplying the stone that built much of Liverpool's great docks and buildings. Later it became a cemetary, housing nearly 58,000 souls.

Fo a while it was a no-go zone, in a state of dereliction and disrepair – a place where few would dare visit. Now though, thanks to the efforts of volunteers it's been reclaimed as a beautiful hidden park for the people of Liverpool.

We want to do more for this magical place – creating an improved footpath network and opening up more hidden treasures within the site. It's one of Liverpool's gems and most historic places. Will you help us make more of St James' Gardens accessible for everyone to enjoy?

Photo: Andrea Vail