Groundwork Northern Ireland have developed a ‘Starting your Shed’ guidance to support groups who are looking to set up a new Men’s Shed. Starting a Shed is a unique and important journey but there are some steps each Shed has in common when starting out. This guidance will take you through finding likeminded people to start your shed, what activities you can do, what to look out for in a venue and the basic legalities you need to think about. The guidance is available in print as well as online for you to download.

This guidance is not comprehensive and if you have any further questions please contact us on or 028 9074 9494.

Download the guidance here:

Groundwork NI Starting your Shed Guidance

All resources mentioned in the guidance are available to download here:

Starting your Shed Guidance Resources

Men’s Shed Sample Constitution

Men’s Shed Risk Assessment

Men’s Shed Privacy Notice

Men’s Shed Membership Form

Men’s Shed Code of Conduct