We have produced a new short report in support of #FuelPovertyAwarenessDay

“Tackling Fuel Poverty in the context of Net Zero targets

Groundwork in the North and Fuel Poverty

Groundwork in the North has been delivering our Green Doctor programme since 2007, providing visits to households at risk of fuel poverty. This includes providing advice, fitting energy saving measures and supporting homes with switching providers and tackling fuel debt.

The Problem

In the Clean Growth Strategy the Government has set targets to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions and offset any remaining emissions, in legislation which has been termed ‘Net Zero’.

We have in the UK the oldest housing stock in Europe and the Clean Growth Strategy has sets targets for improving the private rented and fuel poor housing stock up to Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C by 2030, where practical and cost effective. Improving the efficiency of a home not only cuts costs and carbon, it also has substantial health benefits when people are no longer living in cold, damp homes.

At present 10.9% of households in England are in Fuel Poverty.

In order to achieve net zero targets there is a need to go beyond just tackling energy efficiency….”

To read the full report download the PDF

Fuel Poverty Report 2019 small file size