Taking that difficult first step changed my life

Adam was 19 years old and living at home with his parents in Leigh.
Since leaving school 3 years previously, he hadn’t had a job, done any training or further education. He remembers feeling lonely, depressed and scared to leave the house.
Fast forward 14 months and Adam now has a job, his own flat and a car. 

Read the remarkable story, in his own words, about how the Prince’s Trust Programme helped Adam to overcome his anxiety, achieve his dreams and live a life he’d never thought possible.

My life before the Prince’s Trust

Before I joined the Prince’s Trust Team Programme my life was literally going nowhere.

I had no confidence, no self-esteem and no friends. I was lonely, depressed and scared to leave the house, so I stayed in my bedroom most of the day. When I did go out, I made sure I wore my hoody, with the hood up so I could avoid speaking to anyone. The thought of meeting new people made me feel sick with anxiety. I wasn’t living, I was existing. Worst of all, I couldn’t see how this was ever going to change.

It’s true that the first step is always the hardest one to take.

Taking my first step

My work coach suggested I should try the Prince’s Trust Team Programme. They said they’d seen lots of other young people who had benefitted from the programme. I said no without even thinking about it. The thought of meeting new people triggered my anxiety and made me feel sick. But when I went home I decided to find out more about the Team programme online. Scared as I was, I convinced myself to give it a try. It’s true that the first step is always the hardest one to take.

The journey begins

My first day on the programme was like my worst nightmare. I was in a group of 14 people in the team room. I was so nervous I couldn’t speak. As usual, I put my hood up so I didn’t have to make eye contact with anyone. The first few weeks were really hard. The staff were really supportive and everyone in the group did their best to make me feel welcome, but I still couldn’t bring myself to look at or speak to anyone. When it came to going on the 4 day residential part of the course, I came close to giving up. I’d never been away from home on my own before. But I surprised myself (and probably my mum and dad and my team mates) by staying for the entire 4 days. Things were changing – I started to realise I was capable of much more than I’d been doing.

After the residential, I did a 4 week work placement at Oxfam in Leigh. I was responsible for receiving donations and sorting through the bags, ensuring they were fit for resale, as well as cleaning them, putting things on hangers and moving them to shop floor. Working at Oxfam really helped with my confidence. I was soon put on the till serving customers. Meeting new people and communicating with them didn’t seem so bad after all.

A life I’d never thought possible

After I’d finished the Prince’s Trust I carried on volunteering at Oxfam. I also started volunteering at the mining museum in Astley and working at lots of events to support this charity. Even though I’d finished the programme, the Groundwork team continued to support me. My volunteering experience really helped me to build my CV. Eventually I managed to get a permanent job at Bents Garden Centre, where I have made lots of new friends. I love working there.

I can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better and its all thanks to Groundwork and The Prince’s Trust.

Looking back

Looking back I can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better and its all thanks to Groundwork and The Prince’s Trust. As well as working at Bents, I still volunteer at the Lancashire Traction Engine Club.  I recently moved into my own flat with my partner, our cat and 8 fish.  I’ve even bought a car and am learning to drive. I absolutely love my life now.

Groundwork and The Prince’s Trust helped me so much and I’ll never forget that. The staff were so caring and supportive and encouraged me every step of the way. They gave me the confidence to realise that I am capable of achieving my dreams.

Taking that first step was the hardest part. I am so glad I decided to join the Team programme and didn’t give up. It has completely changed my life.

If you want to take the first step towards changing your life, the Prince’s Trust Team Programme could be just what you are looking for.

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