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Groundwork Big Lottery Target Wellbeing programme

Target: Wellbeing

Target: Wellbeing was a series of initiatives, managed by Groundwork, which aims to help people live healthier and happier lives.
Its projects focus on:

• Increasing physical activity
• Encouraging healthy eating
• Improving mental wellbeing

Since 2009 Target: Wellbeing, backed by more than £12 million from the Big Lottery Fund, delivered more than 90 projects by 67 local organisations, benefiting around 110,000 people across the North-West.

As well a local programmes, Target: Wellbeing ran two projects across the whole North-West region focusing on older people and prisoners.

The programme was been extended, with an extra £2.7 million to support an additional 34 projects in the North-West, North-East and West Midlands.

Will Blandamer, Director of the Greater Manchester Public Health Network and chairman of the Target: Wellbeing Governance Group, said: “The success of Target: Wellbeing is evident in the scale and impact of our collective achievements, which is a result of the innovative approach of the public and third sectors working hand-in-hand.

“Groundwork UK has provided an exemplary and exceptional management service to the projects and the portfolio’s partners through building understanding and positive relationships, support, and sharing learning.

"All of this will be crucial to projects in realising their potential and securing future investment at a time of significant change in the NHS and public health, and increased competition for reduced resources.”

Read an impact report of eight-years of Target: Wellbeing:

Click here to download the Target: Wellbeing report.