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Supporting young people

Young people from a youth project in Belfast

Our youth projects are diverse and range from outdoor learning to youth clubs to coaching and mentoring for those who need extra support. What unites them is our belief that every young person can play a positive role in their community, that even the most challenging young people deserve support to find their path in life, and that young people are a part of the solution when it comes to tackling issues like plastic pollution, falling biodiversity and the climate crisis.

Our services

  • Youth work
  • Personal development programmes
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Outdoor learning

Our strengths

  • Using the environment: we are experts in using outdoor learning, environmental action and environmental campaigns as a way of harnessing the ideas and commitment of young people.
  • Listening to young people: we’re committed to youth participation and ensure our projects, programmes and campaigns are informed and led by young people.
  • Social action: we find practical ways of helping young people have a stronger voice within their local community and about issues that affect them and their futures.
  • Supporting teachers: our educational projects help teachers bring the curriculum to life, give additional support to those pupils who need it most and can help those at risk of becoming NEET re-engage with their studies or progress into training or work.
Youth work

Youth work

Young people need things to do and places to meet and develop as they grow into adults. We work with partners to provide those safe spaces and positive activities that are desperately needed in so many of our neighbourhoods.

Personal development programmes

Personal development programmes

We run team programmes that can be truly life changing. Take a group of young people, give them a series of challenges, teach them new skills and watch the teamwork grow and individuals blossom in just a few weeks.

Coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring

Young people who have been knocked off course need dedicated support to help them turn things around. That's something our coaches can provide, working in partnership with schools, academy chains and local authorities.