Top 3 green sites that have been supported by Groundwork Greater Nottingham

Groundwork Greater Nottingham focuses on improving the quality of life by highlighting the principles of sustainability and biodiversity. We hope to create better places for people to live, play and relax, connecting people with the landscape through each stage of the design, development and delivery process. This is specifically done through providing quality green public spaces that meet the desires of the community. This follows the embedded belief that green spaces of a high standard reduce anti-social behaviour, increasing respect and pride, and therefore instilling social cohesion. While our environmental team work on many green sites and projects throughout the East Midlands, within this blog I will highlight three that have been supported by Groundwork Greater Nottingham 

  • Amber Valley Borough Council Local Nature Reserves and Routeways 

The project involves the development, management, and maintenance of the local nature reserves and other sites of nature conservation interest. Such actions include events, activities, biodiversity, and community involvement. 

Throughout Amber Valley there are multiple walks, Groundwork’s role is to survey the routes for any issues that may arise. Maintenance is needed for vegetation growth, signage, benches, and litter removal. 

Volunteers, as with many of the sites Groundwork Greater Nottingham works on, are vital to the daily management of the nature reserves and roadways. Groundwork is supported by local groups, trusts, and conservation volunteers such as the Wildlife Trust and the Trent Rivers Trust. 

Our managed Nature Reserves include: 

  • Carr Wood 
  • Hammersmith Meadows 
  • Belper Parks 
  • Pennytown Ponds 
  • Sandbed Lane 

Many events have occurred in such places including Easter egg hunts, bird spotting and butterfly walks.

Amber Valley Borough Council Local Nature Reserves and Routeways - Groundwork  

  • Red River Nature Reserve 

This Nature reserve, located in Loscoe, is an environmentally important site with a rich history; it was once associated with the Loscoe Manor. The area around Red River also adds to this history with a background of mining, which is in fact where the river gets its name. The iron oxide washing into the water caused it to turn a rusty red colour. 

Groundwork Greater Nottingham works in partnership with the Friends of Red River Community Group to manage and maintain the Red River Local Nature Reserve on behalf of Heanor and Loscoe Town Council. 

The work on the site aims to benefit the community by improving habitats, thus encouraging and increasing the biodiversity of species within the green area. There are several habitats within the site that are essential to the local and visiting wildlife throughout the seasons.  

Such habitats include the stream itself, a pond (significant, as it is inhabited a population of Great Crested Newts), a wildflower meadow and mixed hedgerows. Hedge laying, regular litter picks, footpath improvements and coppicing are just a few tasks Groundwork Greater Nottingham helps with to maintain the nature reserve. 

Red River - Heanor and Loscoe Town Council

  • Matlock Wildlife Sites 

Groundwork Greater Nottingham works for Matlock Town Council on a variety of wildlife sites and reserves in order to maintain and improve the sites for the community and wildlife. 

The sites we work on include: 

  • Denefields 
  • Bailey’s Tump 
  • The Wild Thyme Community Garden 
  • The Allotments Nature Area 

Once again, we work with multiple volunteers from the wider community as well as Denefield Rangers Volunteers Group to help with maintenance tasks and to deliver events and activities, such as Christmas wreath crafts and town shows to encourage community participation. 

Regular wildlife recordings are also carried out and have included several sightings of the Sparrow Hawk, Green Woodpecker, Song Thrush and Weasel species.  



Community Development Assistant – Aliya Hussain