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Britvic and Groundwork Transform Your Patch programme Emma Willis and community group

Transform Your Patch

Transform Your Patch, a high profile, award-winning consumer campaign led by Britvic and Pepsico in partnership with Groundwork, helped to transform outdoor spaces.

The programme provided:

The programme created new outdoor spaces across the UK. A combination of celebrity endorsements, online voting and point-of-sale promotions ensured a massive reach for the programme.

The programme supported:

Groundwork identified sites across all four home nations that would benefit from Transform Your Patch support and the public were invited to nominate their favourite projects for extra funding.

The results were:

More than 170 skate parks, football pitches, parks and play areas benefited from the award-winning programme.

Celebrity support for each project helped to raise the profile of the campaign and ensure major media interest.

Amanda Thomson, Marketing Director PepsiCo UK, said:

Transform Your Patch had the power to make a real difference to communities throughout the country. By working with Groundwork to transform outdoor spaces, we created more opportunities for people to get outside and enjoy themselves, be it to meet friends for a picnic or kick a football around.