Vulnerable residents can enjoy their gardens again thanks to Tesco

Thanks to Tesco Bags of Help funding, Groundwork has been able to deliver Green Aider visits in Bedfordshire this summer.

The Green Aiders programme helps older, disabled, or vulnerable adults take control of their overgrown gardens through a one-off gardening service.  During a Green Aiders visit, gardening work is completed by a team of volunteers recruited from the local community, who are given training and are supported by an experienced Groundwork Project Officer. These links to local volunteers provides the vulnerable householder with social support from people in their community.

Thanks to funding from Tesco Bags of Help the service, has benefited six clients with a gardening visit. As a result of having their overgrown garden cleared, there is now a reduced risk of residents having a fall, as well as improved well being, and in some cases a reduction in social isolation.

Five adults have also had the opportunity to volunteer on the project.  The volunteers (of which four have learning disabilities) learned a range of new skills as well as helping someone within their local community.

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