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Wayne's story

In 1985 Wayne Taylor was involved in a motorcycle accident that changed his life.

The head injuries he sustained had a huge impact, resulting in epilepsy, memory loss and badly affecting his confidence.

“I had a bang on the head. Yeah memory loss, I can’t remember stuff.” - Wayne

Wayne, who is now 48, had a series of temporary jobs and did volunteer work for a charity to keep busy. He also went on lots of training courses to try and improve his prospects, but none of them really seemed to lead to anything. 

This made day to day living really difficult for Wayne and the prospect of gaining fulltime employment seemed really remote. 

When his Job Advisor told him about a new personal development programme run by Groundwork, Wayne admits that he was sceptical at first. But being the type of person who never gives up, he decided to give it a try and now says it’s one of the best decisions he ever made. 

“When he joined us his confidence was low, he had no self-belief that he’d work again. He told us if you can get me a cleaning job, it’s all I want.” - Sian Jones, Groundwork

On the course Wayne met new people, learned new skills and gained useful qualifications in things like health and safety and first aid. As the weeks went by, his confidence improved to the point whereby he was able to deliver a speech to a large group of people at the programme’s closing celebration event. With the support and encouragement of Groundwork staff, Wayne then began looking for work. 

It wasn’t long before he was recruited by Red Support Services as a part time litter picker at the Marks and Spencer Gemini store in Warrington.

“We are delighted to have Wayne as part of our team and to support programmes like Roots To Wellbeing that help people to improve their employability and find work.” James Gibbons, Manager  Marks and Spencer

“Getting a job has been everything I expected and more. It’s great to have some responsibility, to feel appreciated and to be part of a team. I can’t thank everyone enough for the help they’ve given me and hopefully, this is just the start of things for me.” - Wayne


Wayne was supported by Roots to Wellbeing, a 12 week programme that helps unemployed people to improve their job prospects. It is run by Groundwork Cheshire, Lancashire & Merseyside and funded by a range of partners which include Golden Gates Housing Trust, Warrington Clinical Commissioning Group, Warrington Council and DWP. 

Red Support Services recruited Wayne on behalf of property consultants Hartnell Taylor Cook to work at the Marks and Spencer Gemini store in Warrington.