At Groundwork West Midlands we are passionate about creating a future with community is at its heart, one that is vibrant and green and one in which everyone can shape their own destiny and reach their potential.

We pride ourselves on being a community charity with a green heart, working across the whole of the West Midlands, including Birmingham, Stoke on Trent, the Black Country and Coventry.

For more than 40 years we have been supporting and working alongside our local communities to build better, greener lives. We help people tackle climate change, combat fuel poverty and navigate the cost of living crisis.

We are also committed to improving skills, getting people back into work and inspiring the next generation of community champions and green leaders.

We rely on the support of a huge range of individuals and organisations to do all we do. We can work with you to improve lives in a particular neighbourhood or city or collaborate on a UK-wide programme. Your time could be of huge value to our work, and in turn we can help develop your skills and support you to improve your local community.

Please support our vision for a society made up of sustainable communities.

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  • Three young women working together at a table

    Young Green Leaders

    We must of course see through the mist of nostalgia and recognise that young people’s lives and priorities are very different now than they were even 20 years ago. However, what hasn’t changed is the desire of young people to connect with each other and make their presence felt in their community. Graham Duxbury, January…

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  • Group of Women with their bikes

    Our Place, Our Planet

    Communities know the places they live in, what they need and often have huge untapped assets of ingenuity, commitment, creativity and passion. They have a vital role to play in making local areas more physically and economically resilient to meet any challenges they face. Dave Facey, Communities Team Leader, Department for Communities and Local Government…

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  • Volunteer in Farley Community Garden

    Looking for Leaders

    How do we invest in the sustainability of our communities in an age of austerity? How do we inspire and mobilise people to think as global citizens given such divisive political discourse? Where should we look for environmental leadership as government immerses itself in Brexit negotiations and councils struggle to meet the basic needs of…

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