Meet our new trustee Lyndon Campbell, Head of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at West Midlands Police, joined our board of trustees in 2023. Here, Lyndon talks about his new role, passion for public service and why promoting equality, diversity and inclusion is so essential ….

My career:

I am the Head of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at West Midlands Police, the second largest police force in England. In my career l have worked across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors and have been a dedicated equality lead for a number of years. I am a qualified practitioner in D&I, learning & development, project management, and coaching and mentoring, and have years of experience in each of these areas. Most of my working life has been spent supporting vulnerable members of our society, including the homeless, substance and alcohol users, offenders and the long-term unemployed, alongside the community work that l have been involved in.

What I love about Groundwork:

The vision for Groundwork West Midlands is to ‘help shape vibrant communities across the West Midlands, where people are healthier, more resilient and enterprising”. As someone who deeply believes in public service and improving the lives of those around me, l want to be a part of the positive changes that Groundwork West Midlands is bringing to the region. Many of us have been facing very challenging times in recent years and the positive activity of Groundwork is needed now more than ever.

What l most admire about Groundwork is its dual commitment to addressing inequalities and improving the environment through empowering the people that will benefit the most from any change. One of our strategic objectives is to ‘enable sustainable living and working’ and being able to contribute to this will hopefully mean that l can leave a lasting legacy through the work that l do as a trustee.

What I hope to bring to Groundwork:

Groundwork has a set of 20 priority D&I actions that l will be in position to lead on for the West Midlands. As a senior leader with specialist D&I expertise, l aim to guide the charity towards completing these actions in a way that is inclusive to all members of our communities, ensures that our senior leaders are role models, that all Groundwork colleagues feel valued and able to contribute, and that we meet our duties under the Equality Act.

My role as a trustee:

One of our strategic priorities for 2023 is to ‘improve the way we promote equality, diversity and inclusion’ and the thought of putting this into action really excites me. We are in a position to improve the prospects of thousands of people within our communities, remove some of the barriers in their lives and provide them with opportunities that may not have previously been available to them. I feel privileged to be able to be a part of this.

This is my first trustee role and it feels like a huge responsibility but is also a fantastic opportunity to share my years of experience in a charity that cares deeply about the issues that l do. I’ve been made to feel so welcome by the leadership in the organisation and that my contributions can make a meaningful impact. I’m very excited to be at the start of this journey.

Outside work:

Most of my time is spent working! I’m lucky enough to be employed in a field that feels more like a vocation than an occupation and l am happy to dedicate myself to it. Alongside my day job and Trustee position, l am doing a qualification in inclusive leadership, which will expand the expertise that l can offer in both of my roles. When l do completely step away from work, l indulge in my passion for movies and am at the cinema every week. I also reluctantly train in the gym three times a week, to make up for the regular socialising around food that l love to do!

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