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Where to begin

Download Greater Manchester’s Workplace Wellbeing Charter here

Evidence your organisation’s current position. Work through the criteria in each theme systematically starting at Commitment level. If you are confident that you have fully met the criteria move on to Achievement level and then Excellence level. Stop at the level where you have significant evidence gaps. Use the notes section to record the evidence that you have for each criteria.

The evidence guide is a useful companion providing examples of the minimum evidence requirements for small, medium and large organisations.

Once you are satisfied that you have met the requirements you can seek accreditation for the Charter mark.

Remember the Charter is a statement of intent showing an organisation’s ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing of their employees. Don’t worry if you are unable to achieve the higher levels of the award at this time as you can still seek accreditation at a lower level and develop an action plan to work towards a higher level of attainment at a later time.

Having worked through the Charter, if you have evidence gaps or would like to improve in a particular area, look at the free resources and guidance on the national Charter website here

Also take a look at the free tools and support available within Greater Manchester here

Local support 

In some areas of Greater Manchester there may be additional support services or funded organisations that can assist you with the process. Please contact your relevant Local Authority representative for details. Please note levels of support may vary over time.