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Workplace Wellbeing

Groundwork UK is responsible for co-ordinating and supporting assessments for organisations who are looking to apply for a Workplace Wellbeing Charter award within Greater Manchester. This role is carried out on behalf of the Greater Manchester Public Health Network (GMPHM).

The Workplace Wellbeing Charter for Greater Manchester is called The Good Work: Good Health Charter. It is a toolkit and guide to help businesses on the issue of health, work and wellbeing. It promotes working together to ensure that work doesn’t impact on health, and that health doesn’t impact on work.

The award recognises that organisations have met the actions and standards within the Charter. However, we can also help your organisation to use the Charter as a tool to implement good work and good health in your organisation.

Why should you use the Charter?
For your business:

  • Improved performance – staff become more productive the healthier they are.
  • Retain good staff – ensure staff don’t fall out of work due to an illness.
  • Effective leadership – provide strong leadership on health and wellbeing.
  • Legal reasons – ensure you are treating staff fairly, equally and consistently.
  • Employer of choice – become an employer that people want to work for.

For your staff:

  • Staff feel valued and involved – this can reduce stress and increase productivity.
  • Ageing workforce with greater health needs – an ageing workforce has different health requirements over time.
  • Lower levels of sickness – reduce prevalence of illness and improve recovery times.
  • Happier and healthier staff – staff have a higher level of mental health and wellbeing.

For the community:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – become an employer that cares for its local workforce.
  • Improved local reputation – through caring for and protecting staff.
  • Sustainability – ensure your organisation is more resilient through tough economic times.

The Good Work: Good Health Charter Standards

The standards were developed by Liverpool PCT with employers and health professionals. You can see and download a copy of the Charter standards here

2014/15 financial year will be a transitional period for Greater Manchester as the existing local Charter is reviewed to align to the new national Charter Standards. If your organisation is interested in achieving the award please contact us in the first instance for up to date information during this transitional period.

Call 0161 237 3200 or email