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Green Doctor

Energy bills are the number one financial concern for households – but 63% of us think there’s nothing we can do about them*.

At the same time fuel bills are rising*, UK homes are amongst the least energy efficient in Europe and we have one of the highest rates of fuel poverty*.

Green Doctors are a practical solution, helping people to take control and to reduce their environmental impact at the same time.

What are Green Doctors?

Our Green Doctors are working in communities across the country, offering practical support to people, often those most at risk of fuel poverty, that helps them to make their homes more environmentally friendly and cheaper to run.

They are independent, impartial experts who give homes a check-up then offer energy saving advice. They also provide kit that keeps people warm, identify financial support when needed and fit energy saving equipment.

Being in the home means Green Doctors see the big picture, often allowing them to recommend other organisations that can help with finances, health or home safety.

A typical Green Doctor visit

Mrs Mohammed lives in a council flat with her young family. Although it has been refurbished, the kitchen and bathroom in particular are still cold in winter. After talking with Mrs Mohammed and assessing the flat, our Green Doctor provided a keep warm kit including practical things like a carbon monoxide detector, blankets, a power down unit and energy efficient lightbulbs.

Every home needs different equipment. Here the Green Doctor fitted draught proofing and reflective radiator panels to keep heat in. She also contacted the council to request maintenance to reduce other draughts.

In many cases changes in behaviour can have a big impact. In this instance our Green Doctor offered advice on switching energy provider to find the best deal and on how to set the timer on the boiler so it was only on when it was needed.Through conversation, she also discovered that Mrs Mohammed’s mother was having difficulty paying for her energy, so the Green Doctor made sure she was aware that she was entitled to the Warm Homes Discount.

Helping people and reducing waste

The energy used in our homes accounts for more than a quarter of energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the UK4. By offering tailored advice and support, Green Doctors help householders to take lasting and practical steps that benefit themselves and the environment.

Looking for support with your own energy use?

Take control by using our handy guide or contact your local Groundwork to see if they have Green Doctors available where you live.

Read our latest 'Keep warm and stay well' booklet for further tips on how to stay warm, well - and save money. 

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