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Landscape Architecture services

Community and Bespoke Art Projects
     Community Spaces     Educational Landscapes

Heritage     Landscape Management     Parks and Recreation

Planning and GIS Mapping     Play Spaces     Residential Landscape

Sports Facilities
     Strategic Routes     SUDS and Sustainability


We know that the quality of a place is implicitly linked to its success and the success of the community around it. We know that places can - and should - enrich the lives of the people who use them.

Therefore, our design process is initiated and continually guided by active and creative engagement with our community. We pride ourselves on our ability to encourage participation, absorb debate and translate it into successful and relevant spaces. Find out more about our community consultation services.

Our approach has always been underpinned by a commitment to sustainable design. As sustainability becomes embedded in the natural and built environment sector, our depth and breadth of knowledge enables us to lead in this area.

We provide a complete range of landscape design services from inception through to detailed design and implementation. 

In addition to this, and unique to Groundwork, we can call on our wider team of community, education and youth officers to provide a wholly-integrated and enriched scheme. For example, we can secure project funding or look beyond project completion by securing long-term landscape maintenance.

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Groundwork East is a Landscape Institute Registered Practice. You can meet the team and find their contact details on the Contact a Department page.