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The Eastfeast project helps deliver effective learning based on working an allotment through the seasons, culminating in a community feast.

We work with schools or organisations to develop a tailored art and horticultural project. Each project is:

  • planned and developed in partnership with the school and teachers (or organisation)
  • enquiry-based and designed to meet a development need 
  • designed to provide authentic, real-life learning experiences
  • supported by professional development 
  • able to enhance aspects of the national curriculum 
  • innovative, offering a curricular approach with active learning at the core
  • cross-curricular
  • beneficial for outdoor learning 
  • able to help you improve the outside environment
  • related to Ofsted criteria

In addition, a sustained Eastfeast project can be used as a catalyst for whole school change. 

Enquiry-based projects may seek to explore how an Eastfeast project can impact upon issues such as:

  • engaging with parents and the community
  • raising educational attainment,  including in the core subjects
  • engaging children in certain areas of learning,  e.g. boys in creative writing 
  • behavioural or engagement issues
  • enterprise and employability skills from an early age

If an Eastfeast project is developed as part of a grant funded programme then there can be a specific emphasis (eg developing enterprise learning or reducing food waste) but it is still possible to weave in project activity that addresses other school or community development needs.  

Eastfeast became a Groundwork project in Spring 2016. Before that, it was an independent charity that had run fantastic environmental educational projects in Suffolk for over 10 years. It all began with a Creative Learning Programme at Aldeburgh Primary School in 2005. Since then it's gone to strength to strength, running projects from making maths meaningful to the Garden Beach Band.

If you’d like to work with us on Eastfeast, please contact Debbie Cowley on or 01473 350371.