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How to make your home energy efficient

We have a selection of 'How To...' videos to help you make your home more energy efficient.

We also have other 'how to...' videos available for you. 

With these simple tips and tricks we hope you are able to reduce your energy bills.
If you live in Hertfordshire and have serious concerns regarding your bills, please call Herts Help on 0300 123 4044.

> How to install radiator foil to keep the heat in (and reduce energy bills):


> How to draft proof your home to save money:


> How to save money by setting your hot water temperature:


> How to use programmers and thermostats to make sure you aren't wasting heat:


> How to set your storage heater to save money and keep warm:


> How to reduce energy usage on your appliances:


> How to choose the most energy efficient light bulb:


> How to save money by switching energy companies:


> How to save £60 with six tips:

Top Tips for saving energy around the home - simple tips and tricks that could save you money. 

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