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Lewsey Brook

Location: Luton
Client: Luton Borough Council
Partners and Funders: Environment Agency, Natural England, Thames Water, Luton Borough Council
Involvement: Detail design and implementation 
Capital: £42,000


Context & Brief
Lewsey Brook is a temporal water course, supplied by surface water from the nearby housing estate that enters the channel through a culvert. During periods of high flow, water floods areas of the nearby park. Therefore improvements were needed to focus on habitat and water capacity, tackling issues of pollution, flow and flooding.


Design & Process
The works included removing silt and re-grading the channel to create a clear open area by the outfall to allow further silt to be deposited. This reduces the chance of water back flowing into the culvert and enables easier access to the culvert grating.

Approximately 150mm of silt material was removed along the brook’s course. The riverbank was re-profiled to increase capacity at peak flows, reducing the likelihood and severity of flooding in the adjacent park areas. Further downstream the historic cattle drinking area was de-silted to create a pond and self-seeded trees were removed to increase light and accessibility. The riverbanks were also reseeded with appropriate river plants to maintain structure and a habitat for wildlife.