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Youth and Play

The Youth and Play Team is an integral part of the operations team here at Groundwork Greater Nottingham, we help to achieve the Trust’s overall vision of Seeking to deliver a society made up of sustainable communities which: are vibrant, healthy and safe, respect the local and global environment, and where: individuals thrive and enterprise prospers.

We run multiple projects across the Greater Nottingham Conurbation where our key areas of our work include; Tackling Antisocial Behaviour, Enabling Community Ownership, Targeted and Diversionary Youth Work, Parental Involvement through play, and Increasing Sector Capacity.

The Happy Days programme supports families and their children within a residential setting.

Often managing multiple barriers parents require support to ensure their children are minimally affected by their living situation and continue to develop skills as they grow.

The Happy Days team visits weekly to provide a safe, friendly and fun way for children to continue to progess in reaching their milestones and support parents throughout the process.

In 2014/2015 we:

  • Worked with over 450 individual children and young people
  • Facilitated 6774 person hours of social action
  • Supported 27 community organisations
  • Supported 172 positive progressions by children and young people
  • Worked with schools

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