IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Capacity Building Grant application form will be unavailable for the next few weeks as we are in the process of moving to a new grants management system. The application form will be available again as soon as this work is completed.

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Capacity Building Grants of up to £1000 will support small community organisations to become stronger and more robust and to improve their ability to deliver, both during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

The capacity building grants will support a wide range of activities, such as:

  • Developing better organisational governance through training of your trustees,
  • Reviewing or updating your policies and procedures to take into account any new ways of working due to the crisis,
  • Increasing your understanding of the needs of your beneficiaries both during and after the crisis and developing ways to best support them,
  • Increasing your organisational delivery capacity through additional volunteer recruitment, staff training or new equipment to enable your organisation to deliver services in different ways.
  • Developing strategies to support your organisation to rebuild moving forward (for example fundraising strategies, developing delivery plans, exploring how you can work in different ways etc.)

Examples of capacity building grants:

  • A project to increase the capacity of the organisation through increasing volunteering, including the development of a volunteer strategy, volunteer policy, recruitment and training of volunteers.
  • Training for trustees and senior management, to ensure good governance is in place, and organisation has capacity and capability to manage new projects.
  • Support to help your organisation rebuild after the C0VID-19 crisis such as exploring how you can raise funds, develop new policies and procedures and train your staff and volunteers to enable new ways of working.
  • Developing an organisation website and/or social media channels to enable an organisation to communicate more effectively with its beneficiaries or the purchase of new equipment/ licences to enable you to deliver some of your services online.
  • Developing social value processes to better record impact of work
  • Project to increase the diversity of trustees, encouraging more lived in experience members.
  • Engaging with service users, clients and the community to develop models of delivery and understand their needs both during and after the crisis.

Capacity building grants do not require match funding and are available as a rolling programme with decisions made within 6 weeks of the application. Funding should be spent within 6 months of receiving the award.

For more information, please read the Capacity Building Grants guidance document by clicking on ‘GUIDANCE NOTES’ below.

Guidance Notes

These Help Notes can be read as a ‘stand-alone’ document or you can just choose to view them section by section as you work through your application form. The first section of the document will give you further information on the programme.

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