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One of our most popular and accessible environmental training courses is Carbon Literacy

What is Carbon Literacy?

An awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions, on an individual, community and organisational basis.

It is the knowledge and capacity required to create a positive shift in how mankind lives, works and behaves in response to climate change.

Carbon Literacy is a one day course certified by the Carbon Literacy Trust designed for anyone (your work force, your community, your organisation) to get to grips with zero-carbon living and working.

The training covers the science behind climate change using interactive techniques. and requires delegates to identify and commit to individual and/or work based action plans. The course includes a strong focus on knowledge transfer and peer to peer learning. This allows you to use the training to underpin your climate action plans as a business, organisation or community and to bring your team with you.

Examples of what the course covers

  • Understanding the science behind climate change and greenhouse gas emissions
  • How our actions at home and at work can have an impact
  • Carbon footprints and why these are important
  • Carbon reduction targets
  • Developing a carbon reduction plan

What are the benefits of environmental training?

  • Ensures your team have the technical skills they need to deliver their role
  • Embeds a culture of environmental action within your organisation or community and drives collective support to achieve your ambitions
  • Helps you go the extra mile by challenging and empowering your employees to think bigger
  • Equips environmental or climate champions with the tools they need to drive change within your business

Training can be carried out in person or remotely to meet your needs so if you would like to find out more or get a personal quote, get in touch!

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So far over 96,685 individuals from over 7,573 organisations are certified Carbon Literate!