18 May 2022 | 12:00-13:00 | Free digital session.

Join our next FREE online lunch and learn session by Groundwork’s Green Doctor energy efficiency experts, sharing their expertise from supporting over 60,000 people a year to stay out of fuel poverty.

In this one-hour live webinar, you’ll hear from our Retrofit Coordinators and Assessors about their experiences of delivering retrofit schemes: the good, the bad and the ugly!

Topics we’ll cover will include:

  • The current retrofit regulatory process
  • The funding schemes that currently exist
  • How to effectively engage tenants throughout the process, both before works commence and afterwards to ensure a success
  • Overcoming the challenges encountered with delivering Retrofit Assessments

Don’t miss this chance to secure your place. 

Learn how to deliver a successful retrofit scheme.  

This session is free and will be delivered online.

This webinar is for you if you…
  • are considering bidding for funding for retrofit projects
  • want to learn more about how to implement retrofit projects successfully on your housing stock
  • are concerned about how to ensure residents understand the process, how it impacts on them, and what the benefits are
You’ll leave with…
  • insight into the key steps needed to deliver a retrofit project in the regulatory framework
  • strategies to communicate projects effectively to your tenants
  • increased awareness of how to deliver a retrofit project successfully.

Meet the experts

Emily Thompson

Director of Climate Change and Fuel Poverty, Groundwork

Emily works across the Northern Groundwork Trusts to support the development of the Green Doctor service, ensuring that our energy advice helps those people most in need.  

As well as meeting the needs of people at risk of fuel poverty, Emily has diversified the team to provide technical home assessments including Retrofit Assessment and Coordination to enable Housing Associations and Local Authorities to meet the challenges of decarbonising their housing stock. 

Dean Oliver

Energy Efficiency Manager, Groundwork West Midlands

Dean heads up the Green Doctor team and carbon reduction efforts in the West Midlands, providing energy efficiency advice and guidance to residents and organisations working with those at risk of fuel poverty. 

With a focus on tackling fuel poverty in the region, the services offered by Dean and his team include energy assessment reporting and Retrofit assessments to help improve the options available to both residents and housing authorities. 

Alan Spall

Green Doctor Advisor/ Domestic Energy Assessor/ Retrofit Assessor, Groundwork West Midlands

Alan has been working with the Green Doctor service for nearly 2 years and is also undertaking a Masters in Sustainability in the Built Environment. Prior to that he worked as a builder for almost 10 years. 

He has a real interest in the fabric of buildings, construction methods and particularly material choices when it comes to retrofit. 

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Green Doctor services

Groundwork’s Green Doctors help residents make savings on their energy, water, and money to live more comfortably and reduce their environmental impact.

Learn how we support housing providers support their residents to stay in control of their energy costs and keep warm and well.

Groundwork Green Doctors providing energy efficiency advice to residents

Don’t miss this chance to secure your place. 

Learn how to deliver a successful Retrofit scheme.  

This session is free and will be delivered online.