We love nothing more than to see people get involved in new activities, make new friends and overcome difficulties. From our work with families (which could include supporting children, single parents or victims of abuse), to seeing our volunteers experience something new at Green Patch, or giving local people the chance to indulge in a new area of creativity through Made in Many, we are always working closely with the people in Northamptonshire. But we’ve noticed a change in the past couple of years.

Since the pandemic started, far too many people have lost loved ones, lost businesses or have lost confidence due to long periods of lockdown. However, we’ve also found that people have gained in quite unexpected ways. They’ve gained more family time, they’ve looked at their health and wellbeing in a new way, and they’ve been able to find new hobbies or finish jobs that they could never get around to before.

The pandemic has planted some seeds of change in how we work as a society, and at Groundwork Northamptonshire we think it’s time to make those seeds grow.

In 2022, we’re taking those seeds and helping people and communities flourish. We want to support you to become much stronger and more fulfilled.

Throughout the year, we’ll be preparing, planting, prospering and providing, giving you the chance to try new things, meet new people and get involved in your community in lots of new and interesting ways.