Groundwork Northamptonshire works with The Land Trust as its managing agent this green space, situated on the southern edge of Rockingham Forest. Twywell attracts hundreds of visitors every day and is a well-loved site that this year has had the care and attention it really deserves. This site is recognised as the best place for butterflies in Northamptonshire.

The Park Ranger is Mark Pomfrett, whose deputy ranger Otto, a Newfiepoo dog, joins him on the job. Mark is responsible for opening and closing the site, for security and maintenance, looking after the cattle.

Mark said: “I absolutely love Twywell and have been coming here for years with my family and dogs. This is a dream job for me and I’m already loving my new routine, a far cry from the high intensity of the telecommunications world. Get in touch if you have any issues or suggestions and do come along and say hi and meet my deputy, Otto. I will be introducing a suggestions box on site and welcome everyone’s thoughts and feelings about this much-loved area.”

Twywell Hills and Dales attracts hundreds of visitors every week and is recognised as the best place for butterflies in Northamptonshire. It is also a popular walking site for the local community, managed by Groundwork Northamptonshire in partnership with The Land Trust.

Significant improvements have been made over the last couple of years to improve the site’s habitat and biodiversity and open up the site for the more adventurous visitors. Recent additions have included a new deck and pontoon area and a heritage fruit orchard, which was planted as part of the Jubilee celebrations in honour our late Queen Elizabeth 2.