As the Summer holiday arrive and as the endless rain is making our fruit and vegetables grow, our Grow, Cook, Eat project, that aims to celebrate food with our local community, has a jam packed schedule of events. Here is a taster of what we’ve been up to, and what else you can look forward to.

Pen Green Family Arts Festival
Made with Many hosted an incredible Family Arts Festival at Pen Green Centre, Corby – an event we couldn’t miss joining with a very fun growing activity: DIY Seed Bombs! These are magical balls made from a mixture of compost, seeds and flour that burst on impact, creating little patches of wildflower joy to spread in your garden.

Throughout the day we made over 150 wildflower seed bombs with the families attending the festival, nurturing a love for nature as we went. We now eagerly wait to see grassy verges and gardens transform into colorful explosions of life.

Fancy a forage?
Meadowsweet: sweet by name, sweet by nature. From Summer through to early Autumn, this flower is a delight to the senses. Very commonly found along the hedgerow, it’s an easy one to define by smell and sight. With sweet smells compared to almond and vanilla, this wonderful plant can be used to flavour cakes and drinks whilst also holding lots of beneficial medicinal properties too.

If you’d like help ID’ing your plants, send your pictures to to ensure you’re picking the right plant. Please remember to always forage safely and only consume foraged plants if you are 100% certain on IDing them.

Meadowsweet along the path in our treasured Weekly Hall Woods

Team meeting takeover – focaccia edition
This month we took over a Groundwork Northants team meeting and things got a little stickier than usual… We made focaccia!

This is a type of bread, similar to a pizza. It’s a simple and easy to follow recipe and makes for a great grab and go lunch for those constantly on the move.

From kneading dough to selecting toppings of ingredients picked from The Green Patch polytunnels, it doesn’t get much fresher than that. Everyone enjoyed it so much, we’ll be organizing another bread making event soon. Keep following us on social media to find out when!

Our Events Schedule

To find out more about what’s coming up and how you can get involved with the Grow, Cook, Eat project, email