We help people come together to change the places where they live for the better and to develop their skills, build their confidence and make new friendships.

We give communities the tools to take the lead for themselves, and support collective action to tackle environmental challenges.  We also run community facilities like gardens, allotments and centres and organise events, play and volunteering sessions that bring different groups together, build social connections and boost wellbeing.

Why partner with us:

  • Practical social action: we help people roll up their sleeves and make a practical difference to their surroundings, generating a sense of achievement and leaving a tangible impact.
  • Track record: we’ve been consulting, involving and enabling communities for over three decades, and we understand how to reach those who often aren’t asked for their views.
  • Community enablers: we specialise in helping people get organised and take their first steps towards committed community action.
  • Connecting people to nature: we bring people together through local environmental improvements, and we’re passionate about the benefits of nature and green infrastructure to wellbeing.
  • Multiple outcomes: we design initiatives that improve lives and neighbourhoods in multiple ways: for example improving a local park while also reducing isolation and increasing physical activity.

Groundwork Northamptonshire

Groundwork has been built upon the belief that wherever you are born or live, everyone should have the right to access the same chances. With equality and inclusion at our core, we bring the people of Northamptonshire together through a number of green and creative projects. All this is underpinned by an exceptional youthwork programme, with Groundwork supporting more than 1,000 children and young people every year.

Through our range of initiatives, details of which can be found below, we ensure everyone can access and enjoy green spaces, live a life filled with culture and creativity, and get the support they need to manage challenging times.

Groundwork is here to make a positive difference to lives – to inspire individuals to strive for more and to empower communities to come together.