Plans to build a road through Green Patch as part of a huge housing development have been withdrawn – with our leader Kate Williams expressing ‘relief’ and ‘delight’.

A masterplan for Hanwood Park – which will eventually have up to 5,500 homes – had suggested a link road could be built over the River Ise and across Green Patch, which is on the edge of the Kettering Grange Estate.

Kate Williams, chief executive of Groundwork Northamptonshire – which has been managing and growing the Green Patch in Kettering since 2007 – said: “This road posed a significant threat to a massive community asset, so we are extremely relieved it has now been removed from the development plans.
“We have been working hard behind the scenes to get this proposed link road permanently taken out of the Hanwood Park masterplan and are grateful for Hanwood Park’s approach. Success means we can move forwards as an organisation without this threat constantly looming over us.

“Groundwork Northamptonshire is at the heart of so many local partnerships and this good news means we can now realise the potential of these. We are increasingly being asked to lead on all kinds of projects, but the threat of this road – which would have destroyed Green Patch – means we have had to hold back. Now, we can move forwards. We feel valued, are valued and can now continue to focus on what we do best – supporting and serving our local communities.”

In June 2023 Groundwork Northamptonshire launched a new #CelebratingGreenpatch campaign, designed to raise the profile of Green Patch and to help attract even more visitors, volunteers and supporters to this Kettering community green space.

Launching the campaign, Kate said: “Green Patch has grown into a thriving and essential community asset, one that makes a difference to the lives of hundreds of local people every week and is embedded in the fabric of the Kettering community. We want to ensure this unique green space is preserved and protected for both the people of today and for the generations to come.”

More than 15,000 people have visited Green Patch in the last 12 months and every year the Green Patch team:
• Runs 1,500 specialist workshops and activities
• Cooks and prepares 530+ meals
• Prepares around 300 veg boxes
• Provides more than 2,000kg of food to the local community
• Soaks up 232.2kg of carbon thanks to its green roofs.

Here is how you can get involved in #CelebratingGreenPatch:
Take a peek at a host of online stories and hear from Green Patch visitors, supporters and volunteers
Follow Green Patch on social media and share the #CelebratingGreenPatch messages. Comment, interact and share your Green Patch highlights and memories
• Visit Green Patch and take part in its many projects – get in touch to find out more
• Volunteer for Green Patch – get in touch to find out more
• Donate and fundraise – Groundwork Northamptonshire is seeking additional funding for Green Patch and will be launching a new Just Giving site soon

Green Patch is also keen to work with businesses that are seeking a CSR partner. Staff can do their volunteering hours at Green Patch, choose Green Patch as their charity of the year and Green Patch can host corporate team days. Contact

And also …
To celebrate this excellent news – the threat of a road through Green Patch being no more – Groundwork Northamptonshire has launched a brand-new film, throwing a spotlight on Green Patch. View this on YouTube.