The Yellow Fish project reduces surface water pollution that ends up in local rivers, with the message “only rain down the drain!”

Why is the project needed?

Rivers are at the heart of a town or city’s historic, social, and economic development. With thriving ecosystems, including species like otters and watervoles, the rivers provide an ecologically important green space for the local community.

What does the project include?

During the project, public drains can be marked with a yellow fish symbol to remind the local community that all litter or pollution entering the system can cause direct contamination of our rivers and waterbodies.

For residents

Yellow Fish provides information and practical advice sessions, materials and events to raise awareness of how residents can change their behaviour to reduce the pollution that ends up in their local river.

For businesses
We visit various organisations to run a session that explains the problem and consequences of water surface pollution. We provide staff with a goody bag of advice and devices to help them save water and reduce pollution at home.

For community groups
We visit groups to run sessions on the historic and environmental importance of their local river. We give them an overview of surface water pollution causes and effects, followed by advice on how to reduce it.

For schools
Our activities include litter picking sessions, informative sessions coupled with outdoor activities, and an explanation of the project and surface water pollution to pupils.

Projects in your local area

If you would like to work with us to help improve the health of rivers in your local area:

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