We understand the challenges of living in a cost-of-living crisis. This is particularly so if you are getting large energy bills.

It’s why our Green Doctor service offers free, impartial advice and support to help you save energy, reduce your bills, and live in a more sustainable home.

You can also find lots of helpful tips to reduce costs on our Green Doctor website.

Free energy assessment

Our team of experts will visit your home and help identify areas for improvement. We’ll assess the causes of heat loss, tackle any damp or mould problems, and offer tips and tricks to save energy and water- all while keeping your home safe and comfortable.

With our help, you can reduce the burden of high energy bills and tackle energy costs head-on.

All kinds of practical support

We offer a range of small energy and water efficiency measures, such as draft excluders, to help you make the most of your energy and resources. If you want to save even more, we can support you to switch energy providers and access other forms of support. These include emergency heating, government subsidies or grants, and advice on energy or water debt.

Why wait? Sign up for a Green Doctor visit today and start making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. With the help of Groundwork Five Counties, you’ll see a noticeable difference in your energy bills and discover great ways to avoid future costs.

Support with damp and disrepair

We believe every home should be a safe and healthy place. We also believe addressing the causes and effects of damp and mould can do so much to improve your quality of life.

It’s why our team of experts works closely with residents and housing providers to identify and tackle the root causes of damp. The result is healthier, more comfortable living spaces.

Our approach is centred on empowering you, other residents and housing providers to take control of their homes. We offer in-house assessments, identifying specific areas for improvement and providing recommendations for remediation.

Workshops for residents

We also run a series of residents’ workshops. These are designed to build understanding of the importance of proper home maintenance. Our workshops are the perfect way to learn the skills you need to make your home safe and warm for you and your family.

Join us at one of our workshops, and see how Groundwork Five Counties’ passion for making a difference to people’s lives can save you money.

If you are interested in this service please contact us at gn@groundworknottingham.org.uk.