Green Doctor

We understand the challenges of living in a cost-of-living crisis.

Green Doctors are trained energy-efficiency experts that help UK residents stay warm, stay well, and save money on household bills. They offer free, impartial advice to help people to take control of their bills, reduce waste in the home, and access other services and initiatives available.

Free energy assessment

Our team of experts will visit homes to identify areas for improvement. We’ll assess the causes of heat loss, tackle any damp or mould problems, and offer tips and tricks to save energy and water- all while keeping the home safe and comfortable.

All kinds of practical support

We offer a range of free energy and water efficiency measures, such as draught excluders. We also help people switch energy providers and access other forms of support – emergency heating, government subsidies or grants, and advice on energy or water debt.

A home visit by the Green Doctor, their advice, installation of items and further support is absolutely free of charge as we are fully funded by local and national funders including the Energy Redress Scheme, Cadent and others!

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Stay Warm, Stay Well

Groundwork has partnered with the Cadent Foundation to support those living in fuel poverty across England. Groundwork Five Counties support people in the East Midlands, including Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.

Stay Warm, Stay Well will provide much needed help for vulnerable households who are struggling with their energy bills, with Groundwork Green Doctors – energy efficiency advisors – visiting homes and offering practical guidance on energy saving, including behaviour change tips, as well as referrals to other local support services, including debt advice and food banks.

Funded by the Cadent Foundation and led in partnership by Groundwork, the programme will invest £6m and support 14,500 households in communities across England.

The programme is a new wave of Groundwork’s partnership with the Cadent Foundation, who have so far invested £3m with over 10,000 Green Doctor consultations carried out between 2020-23 across England.

Green Doctor Academy

In addition to the Green Doctor support, the programme is also funding an initiative to support the creation of the next generation of energy advisors via a 12-month traineeship opportunity through the Green Doctor Academy, to create more accessible pathways into work for young people, in particular those who a disability, are from an ethnic minority background or from a low income household.

How to get support

Find out more how you can refer yourself or someone you know for a Green Doctor visit, including energy saving tips and advice on how to save money and energy.

Damp and Disrepair

We believe every home should be a safe and healthy place. Addressing the causes and effects of damp and mould can do so much to improve quality of life, finances, physical and mental health.

It’s why our team of experts works closely with residents, local authorities and housing providers to identify and tackle the root causes of damp. The result is healthier, more comfortable living spaces.

Our approach is centred on empowering you, other residents and housing providers to take control of their homes. We offer in-house assessments, identifying specific areas for improvement and providing recommendations for remediation.

Take a look below at the infographic for our recent Damp & Disrepair work in Staffordshire and Bassetlaw.

We were able to help save an average of £214 per household. A reduction of 29,911kg of CO2 can be achieved – the equivalent of driving 88,000 miles. On top of this, if our advice is followed these households can save 2,5 megalitres of water which could fill up a 25 metre pool four times.

Workshops for residents

We also run a series of residents’ workshops. These are designed to build understanding of the importance of proper home maintenance. Our workshops are the perfect way for residents to learn the skills need to make their home safe and warm.

If you are interested in any part of our Damp and Disrepair service please contact us at

Statistics in green and white regarding Damp & Disrepair project in Staffordshire and Bassetlaw, showing cost, CO2 and water savings across 105 homes.

What we do:

We help people reduce their use of resources and crucially save money – which also helps combat the climate crisis.

We work with utility companies, housing associations, and local authorities to support programmes aimed at reducing waste, saving energy and water, and cutting the number of households in fuel poverty.  

Our Green Doctors give people a helping hand in the home to save money and resources.

We also design community projects that promote the reuse and recycling of items like furniture and white goods, creating a ‘circular economy’ and saving money for households.

Our strengths are:

  • Cost-focused: We show people that being green is not just good for the planet but also for the pocket. We’re laser-focused on how to help individuals, households and communities save money and maximise their income.
  • Experienced advisors: Our ‘Green Doctors’ and other trained staff know how to make the biggest cost savings and how to gently encourage behaviour change.
  • Practical action: We don’t just offer advice, we take practical action too, from fitting water conservation measures to helping people to fill in forms to apply for grants or switch energy providers.
  • Expert at referrals: We know that people struggling with their bills or living in cold, damp homes will be dealing with a wide range of issues from health conditions to loneliness. Our staff are trained to spot issues like these and refer people to the right local service.