18 January 2022 | 12:00-13:00 | Free digital session.

How to help your residents cope with the rising cost of energy this winter. Free webinar 18 January 2022 12:00 - 13:00

Join us for the first in our series of FREE online lunch and learn sessions by Groundwork’s Green Doctor energy efficiency experts.

With rising energy prices and mounting pressures on your residents’ budgets on the horizon, this session will help you to ensure that you and your residents are prepared for the unprecedented pressures they face this winter. At this session our Green Doctors will share their expertise from supporting over 60,000 people a year to stay out of fuel poverty, including:

  • How to help your residents’ energy go further
  • Simple ways to improve the thermal efficiency of residents’ buildings
  • Where to go for grants and discounts
  • Realistic options for emergency support
  • Social prescribing for housing association residents

Don’t miss this chance to secure your place. 

Help ensure your residents can take control of their budgets and keep warm and well this winter.  

This session is free and will be delivered online.

Meet the experts

Emily Thompson

Director of Climate Change and Fuel Poverty, Groundwork

Emily works across the Northern Groundwork Trusts to support the development of the Green Doctor service, ensuring that our energy advice helps those people most in need.  

As well as meeting the needs of people at risk of fuel poverty, Emily has diversified the team to provide technical home assessments including Retrofit Assessment and Coordination to enable Housing Associations and Local Authorities to meet the challenges of decarbonising their housing stock. 

Simon Kilshaw, Green Doctor Manager
Simon Kilshaw

Green Doctor Manager, Groundwork

Simon is the Green Doctor Manager in Yorkshire. His team of advisors support people on energy efficiency, retrofit works and fuel debt. 

His recent media appearances include 5 Live, Leeds’ Fever FM and Cornwall’s Chaos TV. He comments on fuel poverty and helping people who are struggling with energy efficiency. Simon regularly works with groups of Housing Officers. 

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