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Education and Youth

Groundwork is committed to helping to educate the next generation of decision-makers and has a long history of working with schools and other youth organisations to improve the awareness, aspirations and attainment of young people.

Our work broadens people’s prospects by giving them opportunities that they may not access by themselves. We help to build their independence and confidence, and to give them the chance to achieve their potential.

Our education projects connect children with the environment through play and learning. Our youth work supports young people by equipping them with the knowledge, confidence and awareness they need as they make the transition into adults.

Our approach is to provide practical support to teaching and support staff by bringing interest and expertise into the classroom while providing a range of opportunities for pupils to engage in projects and activities outside the school gates, embedding learning in community settings and harnessing the educational benefits of the natural world.

In many areas we are working in and with schools to support those young people identified as being at risk of becoming not in employment, education or training (NEET) in later life. Our experienced youth workers work in groups and one-to-one with pupils to support motivation and achievement and to help those in need access more specialised support. (See the 'Youth' section below for more information.)

We often link this work to projects designed to improve the educational value of school grounds or to help schools contribute to activities in the community. This can range from creating new outdoor classrooms to helping schools manage allotment sites or nature reserves.

We are skilled at linking practical projects and out of school visits with the curriculum and often work alongside teachers to develop lesson plans and learning materials. At all times our aim is to inspire young people to be responsible citizens by thinking about their relationships with others and their responsibility towards the environment.

Our work can help schools achieve environmental standards such as Eco Schools and improve the efficiency of their campus, for example by helping children to act as energy and waste monitors or by improving school grounds or buildings to deliver additional capacity.

We run several youth clubs, all staffed by qualified youth workers who understand the unique challenges young people face. As well as working in and around the youth clubs themselves, youth work delivery includes projects with schools and needs-led day time work.

Many of our employment projects are also designed to support young people in particular, helping those who are NEET to improve their skills, qualifications and confidence so they can go on into further education, training or employment.

You can find out about some of our key education and youth projects on our Major Projects page.

If you would like to contact our Youth and Education teams with an enquiry, you can find their details on our contact page.