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Housing Sector

Working strategically with housing associations to design and deliver a range of projects and services in an area ensures that we can add maximum value and deliver greater impact in the communities that need it most.

We know that the quality of the home people live in is inextricably bound up with the quality of the neighbourhood around it and with people’s own personal health, wealth and social networks. As housing associations and local authorities make difficult spending decisions, we are increasingly working together to maintain and improve quality of life for local communities, irrespective of tenure.

We work with hundreds of tenants and residents groups each year and with individuals and families, helping them to make healthier and greener lifestyle choices and work with each other – and with their landlords – to improve the physical and social fabric of their neighbourhood. This work ranges from supporting major regeneration or development projects through to setting up community growing projects and visiting residents at home to tackle fuel poverty or out-of-control gardens.

Helping people to maximise their personal income and live more affordably in their homes is a top priority for many of our housing partners. We run a wide variety of back-to-work programmes, offering opportunities for tenants to improve their confidence, develop new skills and find employment.

You can find out about some of our key projects that benefit housing associations and residents alike on our Major Projects page.

You can also browse Neighbourhoods Green for ideas, inspiration and uplifting stories of partnership work leading to better places for social housing residents.