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Green Team

The Green Team provides support, training and work experience to help participants become more independent and improve their prospects.

Groups of volunteers who are aged 19 to 65 and are not in employment, education or training work on a full programme of real environmental projects over the course of 14 weeks, learning skills that will help them to get a job, particularly in the landscaping sector.

The programme includes training for them to achieve two City & Guilds qualifications and, depending on the particular Green Team, take the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) health and safety test and get a CSCS card. This card demonstrates to future employers that an individual has attained an agreed level of occupational competence and is a requirement for working on construction sites.

The Green Team story:

"We have been supporting Jack* as a family friend since he was 2. He left school with virtually no qualifications and no direction for his life. 
Thank you for the Green Team, we have seen a huge change in Jack. He loves it and his self-esteem has improved greatly."

*Not his real name

“I would like to express my thanks and admiration to the founders of this scheme. Whoever came up with this idea needs a medal! I have first-hand experience of how this positively changes the lives of the young people and their families. Thank you so much for the leg-up you are practically giving to those in need. You are inspirational and if I were to win the lottery I would give you the funds to continue your work forever. Huge thanks from a very happy step-mum of one of your volunteers.” 

- A proud parent

> To start your own project, contact:

Jane Mills (01707 260129) for enquiries across the East

Funding from the European union social fund