Flooded road

Photo courtesy of the Tuddenham Fountain, Suffolk

Groundwater is water held in the ground that flows through rocks and open spaces. It can occur almost anywhere – beneath oceans, lakes, valleys, mountains, hills, and deserts. It can flow to springs, rivers or the sea and can provide a vital role in supporting wetlands and stream flows.

Groundwater flooding happens when too much water gathers beneath the ground, causing the water table to rise upwards and eventually reach the ground surface. The flooding can cause damage to property, buildings and roads and frequently overwhelms drainage and sewer networks, contaminating water and making toilets and showers unusable for long periods.

Are you flood resilient?

Project Groundwater is a six-year programme working with communities in up to nine high-risk flood areas of the Chiltern Hills and Berkshire Downs. It is led by Buckinghamshire Council in partnership with five other local authorities and Flood Community Groups.

By working together, Project Groundwater will develop innovative and sustainable solutions to groundwater flooding that will:

  • share understanding and increase awareness
  • actively monitor flood events and improve warning systems
  • prepare communities to respond to and withstand flood events

Foe more information on what groundwater flooding is, how the project can help you if you are in one of the affected areas covered and for any other information about it, click below: