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Help children to focus in on a scene by making their own picture frame. You can hold the picture frame up and look through it. What’s in your frame? Hold it up to the sky and frame a cloud or lay it on the ground and make your own masterpiece inside your frame.

What you will need

Four sticks of roughly equal length and thickness, string or grass to bind the corners.

  • Collect four sticks of roughly equal length and thickness
  • Lay the sticks out to make a square shape and overlap the sticks at the corners. Tie the sticks together firmly with string so that you end up with a picture frame. If you haven’t got any string, long tough grasses can also be used to temporarily bind the corners together
  • Choose an image to frame by holding it up and looking through it. Close one eye to help you see the image inside your frame. Or lay it on the ground and create a picture on the floor instead. Can you make a portrait of a face inside your frame using stones for eyes, and leaves for hair?!
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No string? Don’t worry, just lay the sticks in a square shape on the floor and create a picture inside it. Can you make your face portrait look happy, sad or angry? Talk about how the face feels. Why not make a whole gallery of faces? You can also make a frame with your hands. hold them up and look at what you can see through that!

Did you know?

If you smile at someone it makes them feel happy and they will probably smile back. When we start to understand how other people might feel, this is known as empathy

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